From the Illuminate:BLUE press release

ILLUMINATE: to enlighten, as with knowledge; to brighten with light; to make clearer

ASCENDANT’s 2nd studio album, Illuminate, is broken into four parts just as light is refracted into various colors by a prism. It takes you through the band’s growing stages.  BLUE conveys wisdom from their mistakes. GREEN traces their rebirth from faith. YELLOW expresses joy from their creativity. RED shares their love of life.

On the 1st disc Illuminate:BLUE, the band starts this chapter with an uptempo chant/meditation/dance, “Gye Nyame,” whose translation from the Adinkra culture of Ghana basically means “God IS / except God.” This Adinkra symbol has had special meaning for bandleader Kael Mboya. “It’s a source of strength and a reminder of where the blessings come from for me. There is an old African proverb that states – any matter of importance begun without first the mention of God is maimed. This song had to start the CD.”

From there, life imitates art as they explore a break up in the song “Darkest Shade Of Blue,” with a slow winding bass groove as the backbeat and a scintillating guitar solo. Originally written in 1996 for Michael Lockett’s former vocal group, Truce, this song signifies the changing of the roster for the band and sets the theme for Illuminate:BLUE.

On the other side of tragedy and loss is a new cycle, and the path to it is through appreciation of what you have.
The next track, “This Life,” lightens the mood and reminds us to make the most of life with playful rhythm sections and vocal harmonies swelling throughout.

The fourth track, “All You Need,” is a throwback to the timeless old school slow jams featuring crooning lead vocals by Michael Lockett. With earnest and heartfelt lyrics, this surprising waltz form achieves a sincere declaration of love.

The track “Nothing To Prove” follows (with lead vocals by Kael Mboya and guest vocalist Tina M. Howell) and serves as an anthem for knowing yourself and rising above life’s daily challenges. Nodding to traditional African call and response patterns, this song transforms into a gospel-inflected house music vamp.

Rounding out  Illuminate:BLUE is “Back Into the World,” showcasing the newest member of ASCENDANT,
Donica Lynn, and offering a promise of brighter things to come. In a duet with Michael Lockett, Donica’s soulful, expressive soprano encourages us to let down our guard and welcome love back into our lives.

Illuminate:BLUE by ASCENDANT. It’s time to RISE and SHINE

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