Another GREAT Review of Illuminate:BLUE from Soul Tracks


Check out this great review of Illuminate:BLUE on by Howard Dukes. Soul Tracks is the #1 Soul Music website on the web.

…A tune such as “Nothing to Prove” is not going to make listeners embrace materialism or whatever flavor of soul killing Kool Aid the various secret societies supposedly want the masses to ingest. “Nothing To Prove,” with its clear eyed view of  the toll that living in a culture that places body image and material gain above all else can take, aims to encourage people to reevaluate societal norms and values. And if you’re going to bring a message, you might as well make it entertaining. Ascendant manages to do just that on a track that is moved by a funky bass line and a horn section that brings to mind the best work of groups such as Tower of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire.

“Nothing to Prove” is representative of the six tracks on Illuminate Blue. The record is a throwback to the days when bands that merged their funk with a healthy dose of jazz improvisation were commonplace. Tracks such as the percussive “Gye Nyame” are six and seven minute suites that provide ample space for the musicians to create… the best and most enduring way for an artist to capture the minds of the listening public is to make great music…Highly Recommended

See the full review here #RISEandSHINE


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